The Scholars Program

CSF’s ultimate mission is to feed our Lord’s sheep. Our Scholars Program helps professors and other scholars write groundbreaking, biblically saturated Christian scholarship on topics crucial to our daily Christian lives.

Believers who are not growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ are just existing on milk and not thriving on solid food. Consequently, their faith remains shallow and unfulfilling, causing some to struggle, tempting others to abandon their faith, and keeping them all from living robust Christian lives. Our Scholars are committed to feeding our Lord’s sheep by producing biblical and theological resources that foster spiritual growth so that all may experience the full lives God intends for his children.

To accomplish this, scholars need to learn how to put their ideas into simple, everyday language. Writing clear, jargon-free prose isn’t easy. It requires long, hard hours of reflecting, perfecting, writing, and rewriting, not to mention the energy and sheer will to get up and repeat it day after day. The Scholars Program helps carefully vetted and approved scholars secure the time they need to produce good, solid, easily understood work. Most often, this will include CSF collaborating with colleges, universities, and churches to procure release time from teaching or preaching. The CSF Board of Directors actively coaches and offers feedback to their Scholars on the accessibility and relevance of their work.